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In your ocarina business, do you ever feel like its you against the world?

Uh, well, I donít know if I've ever felt that way. Sometimes I wish I had more folks to talk over all the daily decisions that I have to make. But actually I'm very thankful to God for so many of the people He's put in my path. Without their unselfish help, there's no way we could've done some of the things we've been able to do so far. More than business associates, these are people who've become friends, who have taken a personal interest in Mountain Ocarinas and have helped out without worrying a whole lot about instant compensation.

Over the years, I've seen many people/businesses deal very graciously with Karl and go way beyond the call of duty to help Karl and the business. People treat Karl so kindly because he himself is very kind, fair and gracious as he deals with everyone. It's clearly evident to those of us who know him personally that Karl is looking out for his clients' best interests. If he thinks his ocarinas aren't a good fit for someone, he'll try to persuade them against buying his products.

If he thinks that his ocarinas can enrich someone's life, he wants more than anything else for them to have his products, whether or not they can afford to buy them (I know at times Karl gives ocarinas to those who either could not afford or would not afford them, but who would likely be enriched by them).

I've mentioned how key my wife's role has been, but there are other people, like Cliff Schofer, who has been such a vital collaborator on all our books, uh, Rick Handville, who has been fantastic, helping us with different recording projects, Kris Bair, who has helped us in tons of ways with programming and all kinds of advice, uh, the guys at Marlboro Plastics, my friend Craig Thornton, my Dad, who lent us some money to buy tools when we were a bad financial risk... Synergy is definitely true. One plus one add up to a lot more than two.

(Giving Up On The Ocarina Business?)
(Enjoying Ocarina Entrepreneurship)

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