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Do you have any success tips for someone who wishes to learn to play the ocarina.

Well, in a nutshell, wear your ocarina around neck or carry it with you all the time in a belt case. If you take advantage of your ocarina's small size to practice whenever you have a spare moment, you'll be surprised at how quickly you make progress.

Write down some practical musical goals, such as when you will practice, and then track your goals with some type of system that will remind you of your goals. I use software by Franklin Covey.

Build a repertoire of songs that you can play anytime.

Listen to the kind of music that you hope to play someday.

And if you would like some encouragement, sign up for MOM (the Mountain Ocarinas Mentor) at http://www.MountainOcarinas.com/mom. MOM is a free service to people who own our ocarinas.

(Mountain Ocarina Costs)

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