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How do pets respond to ocarinas?

I imagine that it depends very much on the particular pet. I've never actually had a pet tell me to my face that they didn't like ocarina playing, but you never know what they might be saying about me behind my back. Our golden retriever, Star, likes to lay right on top of my tapping feet when I play. And when I move my foot to free up the movement of it, Star kinda shuffles over to re-establish contact. Now and then he'll mosey off to another room if I'm doing too much stopping and starting when he's in his serious sleep mode.

I remember we went to visit my in-laws in Georgia one time. They have this beautiful place out in the country with a couple little catfish ponds and towering pines overhead. They call it Pine Haven, and, uh, I was just sitting out on the back deck in a rocker playing my ocarina amidst all that beauty, and their young hyper-energetic Dalmatian named Zip started howling along with me from his pen nearby. Now he just did it the first day. Then I guess the novelty of live music wore off for him 'cause he held his peace after that. But I was never sure if he was howling in pleasure or pain until about two weeks ago when I read about this phenomenon on my son's dog calendar. My son loves dogs, so each day his calendar treats us to a different dog picture and to some vital canine fact. The calendar explained that dogs only howl along to music that they enjoy, to join in, so to speak. So I only now have come to understand that at least one individual in the state of Georgia enjoys my music.

Our beloved goldfish, who survived our cross country mini-van excursion (California to Connecticut) over 5 years ago seemed to have no reaction whatsoever to the playing of ocarina music of any sort.

Now, I've had at least one woman tell me that their cat started acting a little strange right at first when she would play the ocarina. Of course, we all know that cats have been known to act a little strange without any provocation whatsoever. Anyway, the cat in question got used to the music after a while and doesn't seem to have suffered any lasting trauma.

We have two cats. And I can certainly concur with Karl that our cats at times act a little strange, without any provocation. Our cats have never seemingly shown any notice of any ocarina playing in our house. Except perhaps when my two year old is blowing in the ocarina with one hand, and wielding a plastic bat in the other hand and chasing the cat down the hall. And I can't say for sure whether it was the ocarina, bat, or two year old that the cat was fleeing from. Maybe all three. :)

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