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Ocarina Music

What things do you enjoy most about owning your ocarina business?

Uh, well, one is that I get to be in the music world. I love making music, but I wouldn't want to earn my bread as a professional musician. That's a pretty tough row to row to hoe, even if I were to have enough talent. But I very much like the idea of being in a business where music making is a part of it.

I also like that I can choose to work in my home and see a lot more of my wife and children. When I was a teacher, I hated to leave in the morning before my children were even out of bed.

I enjoy meeting people as I travel around.

I really enjoy the creative aspects, the prototyping, creating something new or better that will be helpful to people. In fact, one of my richest pleasures is to let my mind dwell on some problem of production or design and to work out the problem by examining all the different possibilities.

You know, my dream job within Mountain Ocarinas, --when we get to a point financially where I can hand off a lot of what I do to other peopleó would be to concentrate on designing new products --ocarinas, ocarina related products, tutorial programs, etc.-- and on promoting the instruments. I might teach some too, which I do off and on and really enjoy.

(The World Against You?)
(Skills of an Ocarina Master)

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