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Do you have any memorable stories that you can tell us about kidsí experiences with your ocarinas.

Oh, man, I've got a lot of anecdotes, but, uh, one friend of mine, William --I guess he was eleven at the timeó heard me play at our town library sometime in the late Summer or early Fall. Well, he called me up the next day and had to have an ocarina. So I gave him one and I also started giving him lessons off and on. He had never played an instrument previously, but that Christmas, he played his ocarina in several different churches with his youth choir. I really think that the ocarina has had a positive impact on his life because it gave a young man one more thing that he could do well, that he could feel good about, that he could use to serve others.

(How Kids React to Ocarinas)
(Misconceptions About Ocarinas?)

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