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Do you feel that there are any personal health benefits to playing ocarinas or music in general?

Oh, Iíve read about positive health benefits but I'm not too well versed in them. Personally, though, I find making music to be very relaxing and exhilarating, especially when I'm feeling overly tired or overwhelmed. It helps me calm down and regain my focus, and I also enjoy it, which is good for mental health.

In a broader sense, I see the making of music in general as a healthily activity in that music is something that you tend to share with other people. I think that people in our society are growing more and more isolated, and largely solo activities like the internet, TV, and video games can tend to draw people into their own personal little world. On the other hand, music making tends to draw people together to play and share the music.

(Interesting Ocarina Places)
(Ocarinas and Holidays)

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