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Do you have any dreams for the future?

I have lots of dreams for the future. For instance, I have a whole list of products that I we want to bring to the market someday, mainly things to help our clients have a better music experience.

One of my pet dreams is to try to help some kids in Mexico find a better life than what they might otherwise. Based on experiences Iíve had in Mexico, I'd like to some day work together with a few churches in poorer neighborhoods to help mentor kids.

The basic idea goes something like this. After gathering kids together for an inspiring ocarina concert, we would give them their own ocarinas, which they get tremendously exited about, and then offer them the opportunity of receiving free music lessons.

My hope is to use the lessons to mentor these kids, to guide them toward a life of joy and service. Anyway, this is my first draft of a plan. But as they say, "El hombre propone, pero Dios dispone."

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