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Ocarina Music

How much would I have to spend to get started playing Mountain Ocarinas?

Oh, from around $25 to $50 dollars depending on whether you read music or not. Our polycarbonate ocarinas are $24.95 and our Learning to Play Mountain Ocarinas music curriculum is also $24.95. If you read music already, then you won't need our music curriculum because our ocarinas come with a complete fingering/tips sheet. On the other hand, if you are not a fluent reader of music, then our music curriculum will lead you step by step from playing your first notes to a point where you can read music from a book of folksongs or hymns.

Cheap or Expensive

I don't know whether you think $25 sounds cheap, expensive or just right. I'll give you my "unbiased" thoughts. Clearly, $25 is very inexpensive for everything you get in one of Karl's ocarinas. When you buy one of Karl's ocarinas, you get the benefits of seven years of his research and development, sweat and hardships. You'll feel great to know that you have an advocate. Someone who sincerely cares for you as a friend, and wants to see you succeed as in music and in life.

Like the rest of us, Karl is very busy. He's got 10 hats to wear and 100 things on his to do list. He can't give all of his many clients extended personal attention, but I can assure you that he'd love to. $25 is a great bargain!

(Mountain Ocarinas Accomplishments)
(Ocarina Learning Tips)

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